LiveConnections, Partners


 lco_logoSince 2008, LiveConnections has served as a creator and curator of innovative, cross-genre music experiences. Through live performance and interactive education, LiveConnections’ three program areas connect diverse audiences with top-notch artists from across the musical spectrum. Programs take place at World Cafe Live venues in Philadelphia and Wilmington, in a unique partnership that capitalizes on the venues’ acoustics, intimacy and artist-centered design.

LiveConnections’ Part in Anthracite Fields
LiveConnections will help us identify a partner school to bring a teaching artist into the classroom to explore parts of this commission such as libretto development, personal narrative, and/or the science of coal.  These learning sessions will culminate into a live “Bridge Session” to bridge the curriculum to composer Julia Wolfe and one of the Bang on a Can All-Star musicians.

Bridge Sessions
Bridge Sessions are interactive performances that engage school-age students and special needs populations in exploring diverse musical styles and cultures. The sessions feature first-rate live music performed by experienced teaching artists and give participants a chance to try out musical concepts in hands-on activities. The innovative approach helps participants understand how different musical styles relate, how the building blocks of music shape sound and how music connects people across cultures and backgrounds. Beyond just musical knowledge, the sessions also engage participants in thinking about teamwork, creativity, diversity and identity and help nurture well-rounded global citizens.

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